Aluminum glass partitions for office: features

These products are a frame construction made of aluminum into which sheets of glass or plastic are inserted. Aluminum glass partitions are the most popular solution, they allow superiors to control the progress of work of subordinates, without violating personal space. Such walls are safe, they are made of tempered glass, the design will be reliable and durable.
Aluminum glass partitions for office: features
Aluminum glass partitions for office: features

The frame of the product can be painted in any color using special powder paint. This allows the production of partitions on an aluminum frame with a diverse design.
Some models of partitions are equipped with a layer of insulation, electric wires are laid inside the frame, and shutters are installed as filler. The design of aluminum partitions is very simple, however, it opens up space for imagination and allows you to create a completely unique product. Along with the simplicity of the device and the ease of assembly, such walls are quite reliable, they withstand heavy loads. Internal aluminum partitions for the office are very durable, their service life is several tens of years.


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