Glass table tops are a perfect way to protect your furniture from nicks, scrapes, and scratches

Is it possible that the table top is both wooden and glass at the same time? Apparently, yes. The technology of “liquid glass” allows you to protect the surface of furniture from nicks, scrapes, and scratches.

A liquid glass will protect your table top
A liquid glass will protect your table top

What is “liquid glass”? Liquid or soft glass is transparent, ideally smooth light-transmitting material made of polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane. In fact, it is a flexible transparent plastic that has persistent chemical properties. The production of PVC includes solidifying the emulsion or suspension of vinyl chloride. This process is called polymerization. This flexible tablecloth is original, looks very stylish, and perfectly provides protection against damage to any horizontal surface. It is universal and fits easily into any style of interior. The liquid glass is beautifully combined with textile, wood or stone.

A roll of the liquid glass
A roll of the liquid glass
Clear liquid glass can protect your desk from the following cases:
- Liquid drops
- Fat
- Impact of alcohol and acids
- Traces of pens, markers, and paints
- Traces of hot pots and plates
- Pressure and mechanical damage

The liquid glass is combined with metal and wood
The liquid glass is combined with metal and wood
In addition, liquid glass keeps the table top from wear: kitchen furniture and desks will retain their presentable appearance much longer with such protection. The thickness of the layer of liquid protective glass is 2 mm, this is enough for domestic needs.

What are the advantages of such glass? Liquid glass is hypoallergenic, does not have a negative impact on the body. This glass is environmentally safe and non-toxic. It is easy to remove dirt and grease from it. It can be used at temperatures from - 40 to + 90 ° С. Besides, this glass is 99% transparent. It may have a light turquoise shade, but it will never turn yellow or blurry.

How to lay it on the table
How to lay it on the table
How to lay the liquid glass on the table? It should be carefully wiped from dust, flip the underside to the surface and press, moving from the center to the edges. It does not require additional fastening. The liquid glass on the glass table is also easy to lay. First, you need to wipe the table top from dust and dirt, remove moisture, avoiding stains. Then put the soft glass on the table, pressing it with one or two hands. If you have the bubbles, the product should be raised, the surface should be processed with a spray. After it, press again: the air will come out with the water.


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