Reasons To Use Glass For Tabletop

Tempered glass for tables is a popular and practical product. These accessories are suitable for dining and coffee tables made of different materials
A serving table with tempered glass looks very beautiful. Such a design looks natural and presentable in any interior. Tempered glass table tops are widely used for apartments and private houses.

Reasons to buy glass top for the table:
• micro scratches are not noticeable on such countertops. Even if they appear, it is easy to care for the glass, it will always look like new one;
• such furniture occupies visually less space and does not look bulky;
• tempered glass does not contain toxic substances, durable and does not require special care;
• The material is not affected by high humidity and temperature changes. It is perfect for a dining area where you need to emphasize the presentability of the interior.
Giovani Glass offers various tempered glass worktops with rounded polished edges. The material is highly durable. It is quite difficult to break or damage such a product, because it can withstand temperatures up to 270 degrees Celsius and the weight of five people.

Use glass table tops correctly:
• it is not recommended to drop objects on them;
• when laying the table, place the stand under the dishes and napkins under the appliances;
• use microfiber cloths for cleaning glass. If you have any questions, Giovani Glass employees will explain all the nuances and help you choose a product that matches your preferences.


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