Glass tables: the pros and cons

Attractive sides of glass furniture:
• Practical - the material does not change the performance characteristics under the influence of the sun, water, or sudden temperature changes.
• Durability - tempered glass is resistant to impact (if you do not intend to use a sledgehammer).
• Versatility - can be used for different stylistic decisions.
Environmentally friendly.
Aesthetically attractive.

In addition, the transparency of the products allows you not to clutter the room, especially small in size. Among the shortcomings -  fingerprints, cold from the tabletop and the fear of breaking. The last option can be avoided if you purchase models with a special protective coating of soft PVC film or table tops made of tempered glass. All other disadvantages do not affect the functionality of the furniture, so it is unlikely that they can influence the decision to purchase a stylish element.
Glass table: what should you pay attention to?
Let's start with the fact that glass tables are divided by purpose into: kitchen, coffee, dining, TV, writing tables. Having determined this criterion, the interior item is selected according to the type of glass used:
• transparent;
• frosted with a picture and without;
• tinted;
• with photo printing.

Giovani Glass is offering you an extensive collection of glass allowing you to realize the most interesting designs. Table made of glass perfectly fits into the interior of any room due to its elegant appearance and visual lightness. Modern dining tables are made of durable glass and are almost impossible to break.


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