Glass Pool Fencing Regulations

Pool Fencing/Barrier
When building a fence around your pool, ensure that:

1. It is at least 1200 millimetres tall all the way around when measured from the outside of the pool. If a boundary fence forms part of the pool fencing, it should be at least 1800mm high.

2. The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground should be no more than 100mm.

3. Vertical or near vertical rails on the fence and gate should be no more than 100mm apart.

4. If using perforated or mesh fencing, ensure that the holes are 13mm in diameter or smaller.

5. The fence should always be well maintained and in excellent condition.

There is also a specific requirement to create a no-climb zone. All potential handholds and footholds (trees, planter boxes, chairs, BBQ’s, large rocks etc) cannot be within 900mm of the top of the pool fence in any direction.

Pool Gate
Pool fencing laws in GLASS TABLE TOP NYC also include specific requirements for pool gates. Here’s what you should know.

1. The gate must be self-closing and can latch by itself from any position. The latch must be in good condition and work properly to ensure that the gate is secure. Once closed, you should not be able to pull it open easily.

2. The gate must open outwards and away from the pool.

3. For a frameless glass pool fence the gate latch must be located on the inside/pool side of the fence. The gap between the glass gate and anything else must not exceed 10mm which would otherwise aid little fingers to release the gate latch.


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