Custom Cut Glass Table Tops for Your Home

Glass tabletops serve as the focal point of the space, complement the decor and amplify the light in the room when utilized correctly.

Seating Showcase & Complement Theme
Using a glass tabletop allows you to show off the beautiful upholstery or intricate wooden scroll-work of your dining room chairs. The ability to see through the tabletop brings the seating out of the shadows of an opaque tabletop and adds depth to any setting.

In a modern room with a lot of clean lines and streamlined furnishings, a glass tabletop complements the theme with sophisticated simplicity. The transparent nature of the tabletop allows the other elements in the room to shine.

In a space where everything already feels in harmony, adding in a heavy, opaque tabletop can make things feel off balance. The “weightless” appearance of a glass table top blends in with the room without feeling overwhelming.

Often, the base of the table is too appealing to cover with a solid top. A foundation carved of driftwood or a cherished antique pedestal deserves proper attention and a glass table top gives them that.

The advantage of a glass tabletop is that you can dress it up however you want to suit each particular occasion. The glass takes on the character of whatever place mats, runner and accessories you adorn it with and can be as dramatic or casual as you desire.

The reflective nature of a glass tabletop makes it ideal for spaces full of great lighting. The sparkle and shimmer of the lights bounce off the glass surface creating a unique mood in the room.

Uninterrupted View & Maximum Space
When you have an incredible view out your dining room windows, the last thing you want is to obstruct it with a bulky tabletop. A glass tabletop provides an uninterrupted view of the exterior landscape and is especially stunning for an oceanfront view.

Using a glass tabletop in a small space is ideal because the glass carries minimal visual weight. The transparent nature of the table top helps the room feel airy, open and bright.

With a glass tabletop from GLASS TABLE TOP NYC, your dining room receives a unique design piece that will have everyone talking.


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