Glass Shelf Design Ideas

Gets some glass shelf design ideas from GLASS TABLE TOP NYC  customers.

While glass shelves help keep your home organized, certain glass shelf designs provide functionality in addition decor. Take advantage of your vertical space with glass shelves. We’ll show you how our customers made room for plants and collectibles by using floating glass shelves.

Wall  Custom Glass Shelving

Here are some other places in your home where you can install glass shelving:

– Over the sink
– Bars
– Closets
– Office space and storage shelves
– Shower and bathroom shelves
– Corner shelves 
– Cabinets- Glass shelves pair well with cabinet faces that have glass.

How To Mount The Glass Shelves On The Wall

Our in stock glass shelf kits come with glass shelf brackets and wall installation hardware. Keep in mind that these in-stock glass shelves are pre-cut to a specific size so if you need a custom size shelf, you will need to enter the dimensions.

For those ordering a custom glass shelf, you can also customize your glass shelf brackets and will need to order the brackets separately. Brackets can hold ⅛” to 15/16” thick glass shelves that protrude up to 10” from the wall. There are many glass shelf brackets available in a variety of styles and finishes. 

Unique Glass Shelf Design Ideas Include


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