Protect your Furniture by Improving it with Glass Top

Whenever you have something new that you’ve invested some money in, aren’t you inclined to try to keep it as nice and new-looking for as long as possible? Everyone knows that water is no friend to a wood finish, but using glass as a top, you can wipe the glass down after meals with a dishcloth, hot water and dish detergent.
 Glass Tops are proven, long lasting technology to protect an existing wood, metal or other non-glass surface from water spots or scratches. Glass Tops are designed to lie flat on top of an entirely flat surface with no overhang.
     If you want to add perfect protection and make a luxurious but affordable improvement to your home decor, consider addingGlass Tops. The glass recommended is 1/4" clear with polished edges although 3/8" or 1/2" may also be used.
         Are the corners square or rounded? The corners on all custom cut glass will have dulled 90 degree angles unless advised otherwise. On some furniture there may be a radius on some or all of the corners.
    Do not hesitate and give us a call. Our managers are always ready to provide you with the best options for affordable price.


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