Glass Dining Table – Care and Maintenance

The glass dining table will add brightness in dining room as well as will give your home the elegant look at giovani glass. While you use the glass top over dining table, whole room lightens, and generating feeling of warmth. Glass table is actually made of the fiber glass and thus, it is very sturdy. But, you will have to take a little precautions for that to last a little longer and to retain the finishing providing you are using table. There are lots of people who are making use of all this. It is one of the best things you can come up with. We offer quality solutions to people from all budgets. We want people to come to us and have a good time. We give them prompt service, so they keep on coming back to us and that is our main goal, so kindly come to us and you will enjoy our service and quality we are the best in the business at giovani glass.

 For that, you have to follow following steps:

- Use better quality of the glass cleaner and clean glass table and use sponge and soft cotton cloth for cleaning your table.

-The table may look old, in case there are any scratches on table and slight scratches on glass table will get removed by using buffing wheel.

- Suppose there are any marks on glass table, then you may use the transparent nail enamel and fill in cavities or hide any marks. But, big marks are treated with help of the professionals only.

-The small chips in glass will get removed by rubbing chipped glass with the emery paper & water. Move hand in the circular motion, and applying a little slight pressure. 


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