Decorative laminated glass

Laminating two pieces of glass with a thermoplastic interlayer began as a safety measure. Adding interesting decorative layers to the lamination turns laminated glass into a true art form.
Giovani Glass & Mirror offers a variety of different decorative layers. Each offers a unique texture and translucence to transform a space. In addition to our standard interlayers below, we can use a variety of custom-printed or organic materials. Contact us to get creative!

Glass Types

You can laminate nearly any type of glass we carry, including clear float glass, Low-Iron float glass which eliminates the green tint of standard glass, mirrored glass, pattern glass, cast glass, sandblasted, etch design or carved glass, back-painted or silkscreened glass.
We've laminated glass that’s been treated to resemble stone or marble, or to be magnetic.


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