GLASS BACKSPLASH (back-painted glass)

Glass Backsplash are used for:
  • Escalator Walls
  • Refrigerator Doors
  • Laundry Wall Treatments
  • Picture Frames
  • White Boards
  • Shower Screens
  • Furniture
  • Wardrobe Doors
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Bathroom Backsplash
  • Commercial Interiors
  • Cabinet Door
  • Signs
  • Mirrors
  • Laboratory Backsplash
  • Table Top
  • Mirror Borders
  • Stairs

glass backplash is a modern, sleek and hygienic alternative to tiles and laminates. Painted glass is usually referred as: colored glass, painted glass, back painted glass, color coated glass, glass paint, painting glass, glass back painting, glass backsplashes for kitchen, glass splashback, colored glass counter top, European colored glass etc.

We use only the most innovative glass color coating nanotechnology to permanently back paint our glass. We use the best glass paint along with stringent processing and handling to ensure quality.

glass backsplash creates a product that out lasts most architectural products such as tiles and laminates. It doesn't allow mold or bacteria to form, it is water proof/resistant and it is very easy to clean since it is non porous.
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