• Custom Bathroom Mirrors
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Gym Mirrors
  • Fireplace Mirror
  • Foyer Mirror
  • Vanity Mirror
  • Glassless Mirror
  • Ceiling Mirror
  • Beveled Mirror
  • Commercial & residential gyms
  • Yoga studios
  • Pilate studios
  • Ballet studios
  • Dance studios
  • Marshal arts studios
  • Spas
  • 1/8" Clear Mirror
  • 1/4" Clear Mirror

Combine form and function by using custom mirrors to open up your living space. Whether you want custom cut mirrors for a stylish accent in your living room, a unique custom glass mirror to match your guest room décor, or you need custom bathroom mirrors that reflect a family of all heights, custom made mirrors are not limited to rectangles and squares - think creatively as you design your next custom mirror.

There are several benefits from ordering custom mirrors. These mirrors can be cut exactly to specific dimensions. If a specific style, shape or size is required, these mirrors will be needed as ordinary mirrors will not be useful.

These mirrors can be made to suit any need. These mirrors can be used as wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, large floor mirrors, antique mirrors, frame-less mirrors, and wardrobe dressing mirrors.

Brighten up any room in a home by adding custom mirrors. Oftentimes mirrors need to be cut to exact measurements for different places in the home or office. Custom bathroom mirrors can be cut around cabinetry, outlets, and light fixtures to create a truly unique look.

Long wardrobe mirrors are placed in bedrooms. These mirrors are generally skinny and long so that the individual can see themselves in the mirror. These make it getting dressed easier.

These mirrors can also be made to hang on walls throughout a home. Custom mirrors can be ordered in several different shapes. Round mirrors are becoming increasingly popular in hallways and in offices.

Custom mirrors can be made with different frame styles around the outside. The frames are available in several different finishes and colors to suit the colors of the room. It is important to pick out the exact frame when using a frame. The frame can drastically change the look of the mirror.

These frames can add a unique look to any room. Different frame styles can be used to add an elegant, contemporary, or rustic look. By adding a specific frame, one can change the feel the room.

Mirrors can also be made without frames in any size or shape. There is no need to worry about sharp edge, these mirrors are professionally sanded and buffed for a smooth finished edge.

Mirrors can really change the feel of a room. It is important to measure the exact size when ordering a mirror. Taking the time to determine the right shape and size will pay off.

Wall to Wall Mirror Pricing

To get a price quote we need you to provide the basic measurements. Four pieces of information are needed:

  • Length of the entire wall
  • Height of the wall
  • Number and location of cut outs (including plugs, light switches, etc) and type of cut outs (single, double, or triple)
  • Access to the area (if there are stairs/elevators, small entryways, other obstructions)

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