Almost all glass on showers and partitions in residential complexes are made of tempered glass. Now, it does not cost a lot of money, and is necessary for the safety of use. Glass showers will last a long time if they are properly designed and professionally assembled. An important detail of any shower cabin is the fittings. The final cost of the construction often depends on its quality. Of course, the better - the more expensive. But is it worth it to overpay in the case of fittings? Of course it’s worth it! After all, the choice of a very cheap option of accessories may entail additional costs for its constant replacement.

But this is a completely different story, because the shower cabin in the Paris LCD received quite high-quality fittings, tested by time and experience of our company. Here, stainless, chrome fittings are used, which not only looks spectacular, but also have pretty good wear resistance. Thanks to the efforts of highly professional designers of the company, the customer received the result that he expected.

glass shower
glass shower

We present to your attention a glass ceiling made and mounted in a kitchen studio. The ceiling is made of 6mm tempered glass, sandblasting was applied on one side (above) to obtain maximum light scattering, and on the other hand, enamel was painted, which is extremely durable to mechanical damage. In the space between the glass and the ceiling, the contractor mounted an RGB LED backlight with control via a mobile phone, which in turn made it possible to flexibly adjust the brightness and color range of the backlight.
glass ceiling made
glass ceiling made 

The magic light window looks great in the ceiling, and thanks to well-distributed illumination over the window area, this design also acts as an additional element of lighting. The design does not require extra strong security, so it was decided to use tempered glass with a thickness of 6mm. It is difficult not to notice the special pattern made on an individual order, which gives status to the institution.

The development of the design itself, the preparation of project documentation and installation were performed entirely by the joint efforts of our company employees. Materials used in the manufacture of the structure:

strained glass;
stainless steel.
For the strength of the structure, point mounts made to order are responsible. In terms of decorating glass, 2 technologies were applied immediately: sandblasting and RAL painting, which made it possible to achieve such an effect. The area of ​​installed glass structures is 24 m².
The magic light window
The magic light window 


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