The installation of glass doors

In order to avoid the penetration of water beyond the shower enclosure, the following works are carried out. Use a seal between the floor and the glass. In the place where the shower doors are adjacent to the fixed fragment, use a magnet. It performs two functions at the same time: it prevents moisture from entering outside the cab and provides a smooth sliding door when closing.

The shape and configuration of showers can be completely different. In rooms where it is necessary to save space as much as possible, angle structures are usually used. If there is the possibility of using space and financial opportunities, then the shower cabin can even be made 5-coal.

Entrust the installation to professionals

Obviously, it is not enough just to buy glass doors, they still need to be able to properly deliver, without damaging either yourself or the product. After all, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. It should be borne in mind that they can be both with a frame and without a frame, sliding and automatic - and in this case even the slightest errors cannot be allowed, especially if you have chosen a door with a door closer. Installation of glass doors by professionals from our company takes only one day, because quite rich experience in this matter has already been accumulated and, as they say, a hand is full.

The installation of glass doors
The installation of glass doors

The installation of glass doors
The installation of glass doors

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