Attractive sides of glass furniture:
• Practical - the material does not change the performance characteristics under the influence of the sun, water, or sudden temperature changes.
• Durability - tempered glass is resistant to impact (if you do not intend to use a sledgehammer).
• Versatility - can be used for different stylistic decisions.
Environmentally friendly.
Aesthetically attractive.

In addition, the transparency of the products allows you not to clutter the room, especially small in size. Among the shortcomings -  fingerprints, cold from the tabletop and the fear of breaking. The last option can be avoided if you purchase models with a special protective coating of soft PVC film or table tops made of tempered glass. All other disadvantages do not affect the functionality of the furniture, so it is unlikely that they can influence the decision to purchase a stylish element.
Glass table: what should you pay attention to?
Let's start with the fact that glass tables are divided by purpose into: kitchen, coffee, dining, TV, writing tables. Having determined this criterion, the interior item is selected according to the type of glass used:
• transparent;
• frosted with a picture and without;
• tinted;
• with photo printing.

Giovani Glass is offering you an extensive collection of glass allowing you to realize the most interesting designs. Table made of glass perfectly fits into the interior of any room due to its elegant appearance and visual lightness. Modern dining tables are made of durable glass and are almost impossible to break.

The arrangement of the dining area is not the easiest process. After all, the creation of a cozy atmosphere is a very important moment in the interior design of the apartment, and if we do everything correctly, then the usual meals will turn into a much more pleasant pastime.

A glass table can add some piquancy to your dining area. Glass tables will give an unusual interior, style, and fashion.
Many people refuse such an option because of the idea that the glass could break. But this is a misconception since the table tops of glass tables are made of tempered glass, which is not so easy to break. In order for glass furniture to serve you for a long time, you need to follow simple rules:

• Take care of the glass table, just as you would treat furniture made of precious wood.
• Do not place hot drinks, dishes or other dishes on the countertop. To do this, use a special stand or napkin. Also, ensure that the vase with the flowers on the table is completely dry.
• Do not allow children to play with toys on the uncovered surface of the table.
• Use specialized care products and soft cloths to wipe the glass.
If there are still scratches on the surface of the table, they should be eliminated. This is done by special means that can be bought in the store.
So, following these simple rules, your glass furniture will serve you many years and will look like the day you just bought it.
Giovani Glass produces table tops of various forms and finishes. Experimenting with the design, combination of materials and glass processing, we offer you a glass table with an individual appearance.

Tempered glass for tables is a popular and practical product. These accessories are suitable for dining and coffee tables made of different materials
A serving table with tempered glass looks very beautiful. Such a design looks natural and presentable in any interior. Tempered glass table tops are widely used for apartments and private houses.

Reasons to buy glass top for the table:
• micro scratches are not noticeable on such countertops. Even if they appear, it is easy to care for the glass, it will always look like new one;
• such furniture occupies visually less space and does not look bulky;
• tempered glass does not contain toxic substances, durable and does not require special care;
• The material is not affected by high humidity and temperature changes. It is perfect for a dining area where you need to emphasize the presentability of the interior.
Giovani Glass offers various tempered glass worktops with rounded polished edges. The material is highly durable. It is quite difficult to break or damage such a product, because it can withstand temperatures up to 270 degrees Celsius and the weight of five people.

Use glass table tops correctly:
• it is not recommended to drop objects on them;
• when laying the table, place the stand under the dishes and napkins under the appliances;
• use microfiber cloths for cleaning glass. If you have any questions, Giovani Glass employees will explain all the nuances and help you choose a product that matches your preferences.

Tender and fragile - this is one of the myths about glass which can be easily refuted if you decide to buy kitchen countertops and glass bars. In addition to the elegant and lightweight design, there are a lot of advantages of glass table tops: naturalness, resistance to most chemicals as well as simple cleaning.

Glass is a noble material with a huge potential for its use in the interiors of apartments and furniture. In addition to such popular applications as utensils, doors and cabinet elements, designers and architects are increasingly striving to use glass as various types of surfaces. An example of this can be glass countertops, benches and tables, commercial counters as well as bar counters.

Giovani Glass is using a number of technologies that allow you to make a thin and at the same time reliable material for the production of strong glass worktops. For example, the transparent glass is being melted and liquid tin is added to it. The result is a glass with high transparency and a wide range of thickness. By rolling the mass of melted glass between the two cylinders, one of which is covered with a pattern, you can get various decorative options of glass table tops.

The modern industry manages to combine different textures and types of glass. For example, there are models where the decorative component is a broad matte or colored strip in the middle of a transparent sheet. Such a glass countertop can decorate any modern interior. By the way colored glass today is very popular both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This is a fairly new product, but it has already managed to gain popularity among those who like stylish minimalist design. If you are interested in such a style, then a glass countertop in the kitchen or in the bathroom should be your choice.


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